is a pure Functional Programming Language created in 2012 by Evan Czaplicki.

Elm compiles to JavaScript and is excellent for websites and web apps. It has a strong emphasis on simplicity and quality tooling. This language has many interesting properties, some of which we’ll have a brief look at. post

Type system

Pure functional

Compiler driven development

Introducing Elm to the team

If Elm is so good, why isn’t it more popular?

Small community and lack of Elm jobs

Accessibility and re-use

Making a team decision




Elm’s stated goal of maintainability, of restoring a level of sanity to the programmer in his art, is reminiscent of the work of Yukihiro Matsumoto, who, with Ruby, sought to give developers Joy.

The Elm Architecture is a simple pattern for architecting webapps. The core idea is that your code is built around a Model of your application state, a way to update your model, and a way to view your model. github

Lindsay Wardell joins the Elm Radio Hosts Dillon Kearns and Jeroen Engels to talk about Vite and how to set it up for your Elm project. page

elm-pages is a framework for building an Elm single-page app with pre-rendered HTML pages. docs